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With our challenge meal plan catering we can get you the results you are looking for. We are committed to your goals!



F45 8 week challenge

F45 is a revolutionary training system changing lives around the globe and NOW they are here in Canada. Born in Australia, this phenomenal community  is taking the world by storm and changing one life at a time. F45 offers  Personal Training in a team setting providing superior results. 

The F45 8 week challenge designed by a panel of specialist is truly life changing and the results are out of this world.  Our passionate chefs and F45 addicts strictly follow the F45 Challenge guidelines and recipes. Meals are  prepared  Monday through Saturday. We strictly follow the F45 challenge guidelines and recipes to guarantee your 100 % success !

Pure Vida Catering is committed to your goals and success and provides your challenge lunch and dinner for 6 days out of 7.  Based on our months of survey and research, we find that’s where
most members need assistance to be able to achieve their goals.


F45 Challenge Meals

We are committed to providing the best and most delicious F45 Challenge meals to guarantee you 100% success. We use only clean ingredients and are committed to superior freshness and A+ quality


Order Options and Pricing

  • 6 days lunch and dinner, 12 meals in total,  with two deliveries to your F45 home studio Monday and Thursday am
  • Minimum of 1 week commitment
  • 10 % discount if ordered in advance for the whole 8 weeks
  • $ 149 for 12 meals plus tax

About Us


We are passionate about healthy food and a healthy lifestyle! We want to help YOU to achieve your goal. Being in the industry for many years we have the necessary know-how and experience to support your in your journey!

Why we cater for the F45 Challenge

We are  F45 fanatics and know first hand how F45 is truly Life Changing. But! You can not out-exercise bad eating. Give us 8 weeks and and we will give you the rest of your life back !

Real Results are only 8 weeks away

We know that you will achieve REAL results combining your F45 training with the F45 Mealplan. Let us take care of you and prepare the meals  so you can focus on your training and your life! Order now to secure your meals!


Holly S.


"I was really excited to participate in the 8 week challenge until I started my own food prep.It literally took hours out of my day and when I found out about Pura Vida Catering it was a no brainer to order from them.There food is delicious and according to the F45 Meal Plan and I have my life back !"

Lisa M.


I am someone who does not like to cook or even enjoy grocery shopping for that matter. I am very happy to have found Ben and Pura Vida Catering.  I could not be more excited with the meals.  The selection, the freshness and quality of every meal I have purchased has been exceptional.  His prices are very economical and I will continue and be happy to recommend him to all my family and friends."

Susan S.


"Ben's catering saved my marriage! My husband does all of the cooking in our household, and I kept asking him to make me special meals. It wasn't going so well... and once I found Ben, everyone was happy! His specially crafted dishes were just what I needed to stay on track for the challenge. THANK YOU BEN and Pura Vida Catering!"

Challenge Phases

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Challenge Sample Menu

order NOW! But no later than Wednesday 9 pm!

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